High Quality Choice: Chong’s Choice is keeping its cannabis products organic, clean and locally sourced directly from Colorado

Our industry is in a unique point, its adolescence—new products in every category are being grown and created on a daily basis. However, as is the reality of the business world, some products will stand out and others will be pushed to the wayside. It’s those successful products that will serve to define how our industry is perceived by the usual cannabis users, as well as the constantly growing number of new users. Some might argue that the name and face recognition of a brand are the most important things to cultivate, and who is more familiar, reliable and recognizable in the cannabis industry than Tommy Chong? He’s been involved in the industry for decades, and his newest signature brand of cannabis products, Chong’s Choice, is going to help the Colorado cannabis industry skyrocket by utilizing local cannabis companies, and helping consumers truly get the best quality products from trusted local experts.

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